Mum-of-four Katrina Poole has reflected on a year of fundraising as her nine-year-old daughter battles leukaemia for the second time.

With more money still rolling in the Poole family has raised over £5,000 for charities that have helped them through their tough journey.

At the age of three, Hannah from Glanaman, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a form of blood cancer that affects the production of white blood cells. After a tough battle, parents Adam and Katrina took Hannah to what they thought was her final treatment session in 2016 where she rung the bell to signal the end of her treatment.

Two years later and the Poole family’s worst fears came true as they were told that Hannah’s Leukaemia had returned.

Since then Katrina, Adam, their family and supporters have done a remarkable effort of raising money and awareness for charities that have been a big support to the family.

Katrina said: "The community and charities have been really good to us so we want to be able to give something back to show our appreciation. The Kids Cancer Charity has been a massive help as well as Latch and locally Ryan4Leukaemia.

"We want to be able to match what they have done for us.

"With everything that's going on and the tough year we have had the fundraising is what keeps us sane."

Another charity that has helped Hannah is the Little Princess Trust so earlier this year Hannah's younger sister Lucy at just six years old, cut her hair and donated 12 inches for the charity to make wigs for children who have lost their hair.

Katrina added: "A crazy hair day took place at Ysgol y Bedol where the whole school watched Lucy cut her hair. "After her friends with long her saw what she was doing they decided to also donate their hair for the charity, so a total of six sets of hair was donated altogether.

"This was amazing because the Little Princess Trust was a huge support for Hannah when she lost her hair. Her wig gave her more confidence."

The money raised on the day was shared between Hannah and Ryan4Leukemia.

In the summer a fun day was organised in Ammanford where £1,000 was raised, which was match funded by the bank for the Kids Cancer Charity.

Katrina said: "The charity has a play therapist, Anne, who has been great for Hannah but also she is there for Luke, Katie and Lucy too. They rely heavily on donations so we want to be able to do all we can to help. Ryan4Leukemia is another local charity that donates to families who are going through similar experiences to us.

"Having to go to hospitals, taking time off work, it all is a financial strain, so having the support of these charities is important to lots of people.

"Whenever we can we want to give back. Money is still rolling in so the total keeps going up but we want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their contributions."