AN AMMANFORD man has been left frustrated at the lack of action from a Carmarthenshire County Council and Natural Resources Wales, over a flytipping incident.

The resident was walking his dog in Parc Golwg yr Aman when he saw building waste spread down an embankment near the rugby pitch used by Amman United.

He reported the rubbish to Carmarthenshire County Council on Twitter, asking them to have a look in order to remove the waste.

The response he received from Carmarthenshire County Council was that it wasn’t for them to deal with, due to the waste being inert.

Instead he was directed to Natural Resources Wales, as it was, according to the council, their responsibility.

He copied his complaints to National Resources Wales, but was told there was not a significant amount of waste dumped for them to act.

The resident said: “I tweeted Carmarthenshire County Council first, and then Natural Resource Wales, to try and alert them of the problem.

“I walk the dogs in Parc Golwg Yr Aman regularly. It is a fantastic facility and is clearly very well looked after.

“Last month I saw that a large amount of building rubble had been scattered over the embankment behind a property on Folland Road and it was falling down into the park, opposite the Amman United rugby pitch.

“The council came back t me and said that it was not in their remit. They said it is not perishable and to contact Natural Resources Wales instead.

“I did that and tried to get a response. They had one look at the photo I had sent to them, told me there was not 20 tonnes of waste there, and therefore they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“I felt very disappointed by the responses I have had form both organisations.

“I am just trying to be a good citizen and feel like I have been completely dismissed.

“I went back to them to try and clear up the response, because it seems to me that as long as I do not dump anything perishable, and it is less than 20 tonnes, I can do what I want because neither organisation is going to take any responsibility over it.

“It is a fabulous facility like I say, but allowing this waste to remain is really diminishing all of the hard work that clearly goes into maintaining it.”

Carmarthenshire County Council and Natural Resource Wales were contacted.