AN AMMANFORD teenager is recovering from an horrific injury sustained on the rugby pitch.

Play in Ammanford under 14’s fixture was cancelled when Sion Davies suffered a fractured femur in his right leg against Burry Port.

His father Talfan Davies said: “Sion was chasing the lad at full speed and managed to tackle him around the waist in front of the post.

“As the boy, who was bigger and powerful, was going to score the try he twisted and Sion, who is a little 13-year-old, was swung around with the momentum seeing him hit an upright.

“There was a protective pad on the post but Sion hit it with force. It was a freak accident, a whiplash injury.

The match was abandoned as the seriousness of the injury quickly became clear.

“We could see it was nasty and Sion’s leg was out of line,” said Mr Davies.

“Burry Port coach Phil Watts is a paramedic and was fantastic. There was also a guy there named Grant who happened to be from the Air Ambulance Service.

“Sion was quickly covered in blankets and people fetched hot water bottles to help keep him warm.”

Sion was soon in Glangwili Hospital having his femur pinned, and is now back home recovering from the injury.

Talfan added: “It’s been a tough couple of weeks but he has been very brave.

“He has broken the top of his femur and has been fitted with a plate and screws, which he will have for the next six to nine months.

“He is young and fit so he has that on his side.

“His recovery is going well. His under 14's team mates cheered him up and called over with a hamper of goodies.

“I would like to thank everyone for the goodwill messages, the Air Ambulance and Hywel Dda for doing an amazing job.

“We’ll be going to thank the Air Ambulance personally and making a donation.

“Being a PE teacher I have seen injuries on the field but being a parent on the other side of it was a worry.

“It was a freak injury. Sion won’t be frightened by this and will be back when he’s fighting fit.

“A special thanks goes to the U14s coach Gareth Potter who was a massive support and also to the parents who lent their coats to keep Sion warm and comfortable.”