A 100-year-old woman from Ammanford received a birthday card from the Queen congratulating her on reaching the milestone age.

Edith Davenport, from Heol Ddu, was delighted to receive a birthday card from the Her Majesty the Queen for her 100th birthday last Friday, November 22.

The great-grandmother was born in Swansea where she spent her childhood before moving to Llandybie with her husband.

She has two children, Sue and Robb, son-in-law Huw and daughter-in-law Joani. Grandchildren Katie and Ryan and great-grandson Jac James.

She celebrated with a party at her home with family and friends.

Edith, who was born in 1919, recalls her younger days growing up near the docks in Swansea during the blitz of 1941.

She said: “You could hear the planes overhead; it was a very distinct sound. We would have to get out quickly and run to the air raid shelter in the garden and stay there until the bombing had finished. We would then help put the fires out by throwing sand on the flames. It was a frightening time.”

Over the years Edith has worked as a book binder, an assistant at Lesley’s stores on Swansea’s High Street, before finishing her career in the DVLA.

Still driving up until three years ago, Edith prides herself on staying active.

She said: “I don’t feel 100, I can’t do all the things I used to, but I still like to get out and about and I enjoy baking in the kitchen.

“I also enjoy the odd tipple of Baileys.”

Praising her mother, Edith’s daughter Sue said: She’s a remarkable woman. She doesn’t look or act like she is 100. During her 20s she contracted Tuberculosis and had to spend six months recovering in a hospital in Llanybydder. Growing up she was always active, cooking and baking and was a fantastic seamstress. She would make all our clothes and her own too. She still insists on being in the kitchen, her sausage rolls are amazing.”

Edith requested no gifts for her birthday and instead asked for donations to Wales Air Ambulance. A total of £645 has been raised to date.

Speaking of the reason behind the gesture Sue said: “Bob Palmer, the founder of Wales Air Ambulance was a family friend, who has since passed away. The service cannot survive without donations, so mum was pleased to be able to do her bit for the charity.”