Ammanford Fair Trade group members have been showcasing their latest campaign at a conference in Cardiff.

Fairtrade producers and campaigners from around the world visited the group's Unfair Funfair at the International Fair Trade Towns Conference in the Welsh capital recently.

Conference organisers Fair Trade Wales asked the group to set up their Unfair Funfair stalls and show delegates how they use the fixed funfair to raise issues around the unfairness of most trading relationships, and the life-changing benefits of Fairtrade systems.

The traditional style funfair stalls are all fixed so that players can not win on them, and the stallholders point out notices hidden around the funfair with messages such as 'OK, we admit that this stall is not fair, but it is also not fair that the people who make your clothes can not afford to send their children to school'.

Ammanford Fair Trade Town Group's Phil Broadhurst explained, "We normally take the funfair to schools or community events to raise awareness about the need for Fairtrade. This time it was slightly different in that all the punters were already well aware of the benefits of Fairtrade. Among the people who came were producers from communities whose lives have been changed by the benefits of Fairtrade.

"We showed the delegates how it works and how we use it as a campaigning and educational tool, and we had a really positive response, both from producers thanking us for our work supporting them, and from other campaigners who said they would like to build their own Unfair Funfairs for use in their own countries."

Phil also made sure that the famous Fairtrade Banana costumes that are often seen around Ammanford were at the event.

He added, "It was lovely to see the same banana costumes that have been worn in local schools and in local Fairtrade supporting businesses and by local campaigners being worn by Fairtrade producers and campaigners from all around the world. Like the whole conference, it was an inspiring reminder of our international campaign for a fairer world."