Angry residents have blasted a community council for "dragging their heels" over play park improvements.

People living in Rhodfa and Parc Bryn Rhos, Glanaman have been working with Cwmaman town council to give their local park a new lease of life.

The park was taken over by the community council as part of the asset transfer programme.

However residents say the council have halted work on the park, which has been closed off for 18 months.

Mother of two, Kim Brown said, "We were in talks with the community council who agreed to work with residents to improve the play area. Public meetings were held and there was a lot of positive comments and ideas given from both the council and residents - we offered to get hands on and even local businesses offered their time for free. Sadly since then hardly any work has been completed.

"The site is not safe - and someone needs to be held accountable for this."

Fellow Parc Brynrhos resident, Jane Lewis, said her children were excited at the prospect of joining in and helping with the improvements but have been left disappointed that they are still without a park.

"We want to keep our children safe and away from the busy roads," she said. "So the sooner the work is completed the better for the community and for our peace of mind as parents."

Rob Venus, Community Development Officer for Cwmaman who has been part of the park improvement project said he was "disappointed and surprised" to hear the residents' comments.

"The project is still ongoing," he said. "Yes, there are many other projects in the area that I have also been a part of that are of benefit to the whole community, but I am still committed to the park improvements."

Mr Venus claimed that in the most recent public meetings only one or two residents attended, therefore work could not proceed without more community support.

"If they (residents) are happy to move forward let's do that, but unfortunately we need more than one or two people at a meeting to be able to make things happen," he said.

"The fence is on order but the delay with the rest of the park is pending decisions from the residents."

Emyr Jenkins, Cwmaman town council's chair of the parks and environment committee, said due to cuts the council has limited funding, but they were committed to do the best they can for local residents with the funds they have.

He said: "The park was originally the property of the developer and was part of the conditions for planning consent, it was always poorly built and maintained, through the asset transfers of the last few years it ended up in the hands of Cwmaman town council."

Adding, "The park urgently needed a substantial land drainage scheme, to save money on contractors we have used our own employees to resolve this issue which unfortunately has taken longer than expected due to ill health in the workforce.

"The clerk to the council has been instructed to write to the residents' representative asking for some kind of proposal to be put to the next full meeting of the council. If no scheme is suggested then the council will decide as to the future of the park."