Councillors in the Towy Valley have spoken out over Barclays announcement to keep the Llandeilo branch open until 2021 while opting out of its agreement with the Post Offices to allow customers to withdraw cash.

Barclays has promised to keep more than 100 of its banks open - with the branch in Llandeilo on the list of those being protected.

Remote branches, and those in places where Barclays is the “last bank in town” will be protected from closure until at least 2021.

However Llandeilo Councillor, Edward Thomas, has said while he welcomes the news he would prefer a "longer term commitment" from the bank.

"The loss of banks has had a devastating effect on towns and communities," he said. "I am concerned that not all people (in Llandeilo and the surrounding area) are computer savvy and need the physical presence of a bank to conduct their finances."

The news comes as Barclays is facing criticism for opting out of part of the agreement banks have with Post Offices to allow customers to withdraw cash and deposit money.

The move by Barclays is planned to hit customers from January 8 next year.

Currently, the 930 Post Office branches in Wales provide everyday banking services for individuals and businesses, such as cash deposits, cash withdrawals and bill payments.

This will be another blow to the Towy Valley where earlier this year Llandovery lost the town's only bank when Barclays closed in June.

Llandovery County Councillor, Handel Davies, said he was disappointed with Barclays decision to stop its customers from making cash withdrawals at the Post Office.

"As a Barclays customer since the age of 18 this is sad news, the bank is penalising its customers, particularly those of us in rural areas who have been left with no bank at all."

However, Cllr Davies said there is some good news on the way for the town following an application to install a cash machine at the Post Office for its customers.

"We are very lucky that the owners of Ystrad Nursery and Agricultural Supplies reopened the Post Office so the service could continue in the town. At one point, after the raid of the cash machine at our local Co-Op, we were left with just one ATM but with that returning and the addition of the Post Office, people will hopefully have access to three in the town."