CALLS have been made to bring one of the Amman Valley’s most iconic buildings into public ownership as it is set to go under the hammer at auction this week.

Workmen’s Hall in Garnant is being sold at auction on Friday.

Plans had been in place to demolish the building and replace it with a care home which would have housed 78 residents and created 16 full and part-time jobs in the area.

Carmarthenshire County Councillor Kevin Madge has written to council leader, Emlyn Dole, asking for the council to consider purchasing the property and taking into under public ownership.

Doing so, argues Cllr Madge, would ensure it is renovated in a way that would benefit the surrounding community.

He explained: “I have asked that the hall be taken under public ownership, not to develop it, because it is past that now, but to demolish it and use the site for something that will help the community in the future.

“The building cannot remain as it is now sadly. It is a complete danger.

“Leaving it there as it is would be irresponsible.

“It is heartbreaking but the building needs to come down.

“Both of my grandfathers were miners and probably paid towards it being built, but I cannot see how it can be saved now - 20 years ago maybe, but it is beyond repair now.”

The building, with a guide price of £195,000, will be sold at an auction in Port Talbot.

“There is no guarantee that some one will buy it at the auction,” said Cllr Madge.

“If some one does purchase it and says they will carry out the plans that are there then fine. But there is a danger it could continue to sit there and rot.

“I have asked for urgent meeting to discuss sending someone to the auction.

“If there is the funding available it will be ideal to bring it into public ownership.

“I hope I am wrong when I say someone may not want to develop the site. The community needs to benefit from this.

“I would be opposed to anything that would not help the area in the future.

“It could be the original plans for homes for the elderly, or social housing, but if someone wants to just stick another garage there I will not support it.”

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