AN AMMANFORD woman is celebrating the launch of her first ever book detailing how she lives her life with blindness.

Zena Cooper was born with Marfan Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder which affects the heart, eyes, lungs, blood vessels, and bodily systems.

It meant she is nearly completely blind, yet she kept this condition hidden from the world for almost four decades – managing to pretend at school she could read the blackboard (whilst friends whispered in her ear) and travelling to work on the train by counting her steps and knowing where the door pulled in on the platform.

Finally, though when Zena was 38 she made the decision to get a guide dog – but this was no ordinary dog.

Part memoir, part self-help, this is the unique story of friendship, overcoming tremendous odds, and finding a light in the dark.

A guide dog with a huge personality, Munch made Zena’s invisible disability suddenly plain for all the world to see.

This book shares the story of Zena’s journey with Munch, who helped her not only come to terms with her disability but gave her the strength to find her place in the world and help others understand that, like her, they could see the beauty in living a different kind of life.

Zena also shares her unique model to reset negative thought patterns and a workbook to help the reader reshape their own narrative. She also tells of how against the odds she had four children and now is a grandmother.

Zena's book, 'What You See When You Can't See' is available now.

She will be at Ammanford Library for a signing on October 5 between 12pm and 3pm.

Zena has worked and volunteered in varying roles in mental health and family services over the years including private practice, a mental health support centre, a parent and toddler group and family centres around the area.

She currently works for Area 43 a schools counselling service in secondary schools around the area.

Zena has actively Fundraised for the Guide Dogs and took part in a charity London Marathon walk in 2017. She is also a speaker for Guide Dogs.