Hundreds of young people around Carmarthenshire inspired by Greta Thunberg joined millions around the globe in an international Climate Strike to voice their concerns about the growing climate emergency.

School children in Llandeilo took to the main street on Friday morning to the loud applause of shoppers and onlookers and many children were supported by their parents and grand parents in what was a joyful family festival atmosphere.

Those pupils not spending the morning away from school spent their lesson time discussing the issues and science behind the worlds extreme weather events and the drastic measures that need to be taken now to avoid a future climate catastrophe.

Ahead of an environmental summit at the United Nations in New York this week and as the UN General Assembly is about to open the largest climate protest in history is demanding that our world leaders take immediate action and recognise the irreversible effects of man-made climate change.

Event organiser, Lyndsey Maiden from Llansadwrn, explains: “All who are joining believe now is the time to act: we can change our futures, we can prevent climate catastrophe.

"We are part of a global movement of people who believe that governments are failing to protect our futures. We are speaking out now with one voice.

“Whilst we can all act, making our own small contributions, the governments and global corporations of this world are really the ones who can innovate change.

"We challenge them to do just that. For all our sakes.

“We are a group of concerned individuals, not affiliated to any political party although we do have the support of local political groups. We are all concerned climate change is going to have an impact on this area as well as hurting the poorest people in the world.

"We are regular people: farmers, shopkeepers, teachers, nurses, concerned mums, dads and grandparents, children and students who are asking governments and business to act responsibly. Now is the time to act.”