The future of a popular Betws park is no longer in jeopardy.

Betws Community Council have signed the contact and now own Maesquarre Park.

Last year The Guardian reported that the park was placed on Carmarthenshire County Council’s asset transfer list which meant that the council no longer had responsibility for maintaining the park.

Betws Community Council originally refused to take over meaning the park as councillors unanimously decided not to accept the transfer due to the lack of financial support provided by Carmarthenshire County Council.

Residents were left disappointed and teamed up to find a way to keep the park open.

A Facebook group named Save Our Park Maesquarre Park, Betws was set up to work alongside Betws Community Council to help find a resolution to prevent the parking from

This month it was confirmed that Betws Community Council had agreed to take over the park.

A post of the newly named Maesquarre Park, Betws, Ammanford Facebook page on July 14 said: “Arrangements have been made for the equipment and park to be checked every two weeks for health and safety reasons.

“Also, the grass will be cut, and bins emptied on a regular basis.

“Betws Community Council have no meeting in August and will next meet in September.

“Thank you to all who have helped us to achieve this.”