A CAPEL Hendre entrepreneur received national attention after teaming up with a Nottinghamshire business.

An enterprising link-up between the outdoor gifts specialists Adventure Accessories and Nottinghamshire craft house Spratt’s Designs – made a big impact on Twitter after its launch on the top-trending weekend hashtag hour #UKGiftHour.

The two businesses joined forces to produce a traveller notebook and activity stencils set, a 40-page A6 journal.

Capel Hendre crafter Sarah Skilton of Adventure Accessories adapted her notebook designs to incorporate a special adventure stencil created by Worksop designer Saz Spratt of Spratt’s Designs.

The promotional video about the set has received over 15,700 views on social media.

“The set has three options with the notebook – the bookmark stencil, an A6 ‘page-size’ stencil or both stencils together,” Sarah explained.

“We have sold a full set with both stencils and Saz has sold the stencils separately too.”

Saz added: “The decision to team up was logical one. We both make products that work well together. By joining forces, we felt we could increase the reach of our small business and double the promoting efforts.”

Both agreed that good communication is key to a successful collaboration.

”When we decided to make a go of working together, we got to know each other a little better ¬– what did we like most about our business, what did each of us think our strengths were and what did we like least,” Sarah explained.

“For me, photography is my weakness, but I enjoy blogging and social media.”

The idea to collaborate grew out of Instagram’s #MarchMeetTheMaker promotion, which asked participants to name who they would like to work with.

Sarah and Saz already knew each other from Twitter when Saz responded that it would be fun.

“I replied this was an awesome idea and that is was something we could look at together,” Sarah said. “Not only have we created a great product together we have also formed a lasting friendship.”

Sarah created Adventure Accessories in 2018. Visit AdventureAccessories.co.uk