A Carmarthenshire woman has been named as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling for being a continued inspiration and support to particularly the other female members of Bynea Cycling Club.

Trish Butchers joins Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey, TV presenter Angellica Bell and triple Olympic medallist, Victoria Pendleton in the cycling charity’s list recognition significant achievements in promoting women’s cycling.

The women have all been recognised in celebration of the amazing work they have done to inspire other women to cycle as part of Cycling Women’s Festival of Cycling which runs through July.

Other well-known names who have made the list include broadcaster Rebecca Charlton, Eurosport presenter Orla Chennaoui, YouTube sensation, Ruby Issac, former road and track cyclists Dani Rowe and Joanna Rowsell, and cycling presenter, Laura Winter.

It also includes less well-known names of women who have been working tirelessly at grassroots level to encourage more women to ride, people like Emma Pajarillaga, who only returned to cycling two-and-a-half years ago.

Trish, joined Bynea Cycling Club so that she could become a better cyclist, but after noticing she was often the only female rider on club runs she set up a ladies only ride and WhatsApp support group, where women could discuss their concerns or plan a ride together when they were free. It became a rapid success and the club’s female members have increased.

It’s estimated that only a million women in the UK cycle regularly – just three per cent of the population, with many more bike journeys made by men than women.

The Women’s Festival of Cycling aims to address that imbalance by inspiring more women to get in the saddle.

A recent poll carried out by YouGov on behalf of Cycling UK that found that 36 per cent of women said they would be inspired to cycle more with the encouragement of friends and family.

So now the charity is now challenging every female cyclist in the UK to enlist at least one more woman to start cycling through July.

Helen Cook, Head of Engagement, said: “Congratulations to Trish for making it onto our 100 Women in Cycling for 2019. It’s an incredible achievement and testimony to the tireless work she’s done to raise the profile of women’s cycling.

“Every woman on our list is an incredible ambassador for women’s cycling, but sadly women remain underrepresented when it comes to everyday cycling.

“The gauntlet we’re throwing down is for every woman who already cycles regularly to find just one more woman they can help and inspire to get on their bike.”

The awards were presented at a Parliamentary reception in Westminster at the beginning of July following a ride to the House of Commons by more than 150 women to raise awareness of women’s cycling.

The ride was led by one of the 100 Women, TV personality Angellica Bell, who only started riding as an adult after being inspired by her step-father, and a chance to appear on a TV cycling challenge to ride a stage of the Tour de France.

Angellica said: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if every female cyclist in this country persuaded just one more woman to take up cycling. Imagine the difference that could make.

“Cycling is not only one of the most enjoyable ways of getting around, it’s great for your health, fitness and the environment.”

Women’s Festival of Cycling takes place throughout July with events around the UK to encourage more women to cycle.

To make an online pledge to encourage another woman to cycle, visit our pledge page cyclinguk.org/pledge

And to find out more about the Women’s Festival of Cycling and to see a full list of nominees, visit our website cyclinguk.org/womens-festival-cycling.