Councillor Tina Higgins and Lee Waters AM have spoken up on behalf of wronged residents at the Parc Y Hendre development in Tycroes.

Residents who have moved into the estate have been waiting more than four years for works to be completed in their properties and for roads and pavements around the estate to be finished.

The developer has consistently refused to accept responsibility and finish the construction.

The residents list a series of issues, including that street lighting and pavements have not been installed or properly finished.

They also report that roads have not been completed to a sufficient standard for the council to “adopt” them as public highways, meaning they receive no regular maintenance.

There are a catalogue of other issues, including that driveways on their properties aren’t finished, and external rendering is of very poor quality leading to leaks and damp issues.

Since the construction of the estate, the developer has moved on to other sites in the area.

Despite repeated promises being made to residents and the local councillor that the work would be finished there has been no progress, and people are sick of being let down time and time again.

Lee Waters AM said: “It’s outrageous that a developer can leave so much unfinished work, then simply walk away and begin building elsewhere.

"All of the properties on this estate were sold relatively quickly, on the promise of a quick and easy completion of the works.”

“This hasn’t happened, and the residents have been left in limbo.

"Due to the issues on the estate and the murky circumstances some are now finding it difficult to sell as they look for homes that better meet their needs.”

Section 38 agreements require developers to put up a bond for the completion of street works on developments, and for a completion notice to be issued before occupation of a development can take place.

The residents are looking for assurance that such a bond was paid and that works can be completed and the roads adopted by the council, allowing regular maintenance.

Mr Waters AM added: “It can’t be right that a developer can so easily walk away from their obligations, pocketing the profit but leaving owners in the lurch.

"We need to know whether a section 38 bond was paid, and if it can now be used to complete the works.”

“There has to be a means to claw back money from unscrupulous developers, especially if they go on to do more work elsewhere in the area.”

Cllr Tina Higgins said: “Living on an estate with unadopted roads is miserable. There are too many of these in Carmarthenshire including Parc yr Hendre in my ward.

"No lights, no refuse collection and can be generally unsafe to walk there due to the unevenness of the surface with protruding manhole covers.

"It also has a further impact on people’s lives when they find they cannot sell their homes.“

“I call upon Carmarthenshire County Council to put pressure on developers to face up to their responsibility to ensure that the roads are brought up to a standard to enable the council to adopt them and put an end to the misery that many residents endure.“

“I would also like to see the law changed to put an end to this by ensuring that completing the roads is made a condition of the planning approval process.”