As part of Mencap’s National Learning Disability Week 2019, with its sports and inclusion theme, Amman Valley Mencap and Special Olympic Carmarthenshire are working in partnership with other local sports and activity clubs to encourage more engagement of people with learning disability in sports and activity within their community thoughts in 2019.

On Wednesday, June 19, the group are putting on an inclusive fun sports and active day which will enable people with a learning disability in Carmarthenshire to get active.

The day will start off with a 1km walk, followed by egg and spoon races, sack races, volleyball tennis, tug of war, car wash relay.

Registration will start at 10am and the 1km walk will be at 10.30am. The whole event will be hosted by Tomo from Radio Carmarthenshire.

A spokesman from Amman Valley Mencap said: "Participation in sport and physical activity is exceptionally low for people with a learning disability. They are also twice as likely to become obese and five times more likely to be morbidly obese, dying on average 17 years earlier, if you have a learning disability.

"People with learning disabilities can face greater challenges in getting active, including being unable to find sports centres or having low confidence following bad experiences of sport in the past.

"The scheme has been designed to be inclusive and is working in partnership with a range of local sports providers to ensure that many of the sessions will take part within existing sport centres and inclusive clubs.

"As well as the health benefits of increasing physical activity, research has shown that getting people with a learning disability involved in sport can help boost their confidence in other areas of life, including securing employment, reducing loneliness and building friendships and playing a full part in their communities

"Our sports inclusion day on June 19 will be a celebration of local citizens with learning disabilities once again showing that everyone can achieve whatever they put their minds to."