Tenants of an extra-care housing facility in Ammanford has thanked a catering business for bringing the life back to their home.

The opening of Blas o’r Dyffryn, Taste of the Valley, at Ty Dyffryn in Ammanford was welcomed with open arms by tenants earlier this week after five months of isolation and struggle to cook their own meals.

The Guardian reported in January this year that tenants of the multi-million-pound housing complex felt “abandoned” by the local authority following the closure of the on-site catering service.

The kitchen service at Ty Dyffryn closed its doors on January 4 due to the catering provider withdrawing its services.

Tenants, who are aged between 55 and 94, were delighted to see the communal room bustling with people once again on Monday, June 3 at the launch of the new on-site community café.

One resident told The Guardian: “I am very happy to see the restaurant open again.

“Over the last few months I have been struggling to make my own food or just eating ready meals so I will definitely be making the most of our new restaurant.

“I will use it everyday.”

Another happy resident added: “It is very important that we have a restaurant here at Ty Dyffryn.

“I have been relying on my daughter to bring me a cooked meal every day and I lost my independence, but I am very happy to be eating with my friends again.

“Since the kitchen closed in January the community spirit has been very low because we haven’t really seen one another but it was lovely to see everyone back in the restaurant for the launch.

“I am so glad that a local business has brought the life back to our home.

“It is going to help the social side as well as ensure that we all have a decent meal.”

The restaurant launch was the first time some tenants had seen their neighbours in five months.

“I moved into Ty Dyffryn on the same day the other restaurant closed back in Janaury so this is the first time i’ve been in the communal room and the first time i’ve seen most of the people who live in the same building as me.

“I will definitely be using the cafe again.”

As well as tenants, the restaurant opening attracted members of the local area, who are all welcome to enjoy the community café.

Rhian Davies, Front of House Coordinator at Ty Dyffryn, said: “I am glad that the tenants and community have a restaurant to go to with the opening of Blas o’r Dyffryn.

“It is lovely to see the restaurant full of life again and the communal room so full of our tenants and new faces.”

Blas o’r Dyffryn is the brainchild of Fresh Bites boss Ben Davies.

“Ty Dyffryn was first brought to my attention after reading the story in The Guardian about the kitchen closing, he said.

“We started delivering food to tenants from about mid January and the tender was put online so I began the tender process and we were successful.

“At our current premises at Coop Car Park we were getting really busy and started to turn orders away due to the lack of space but now we have expanded the business and we are delighted to be working alongside the tenants at Ty Dyffryn.”

Blas o’r Dyffryn is open seven days a week from 10am until 6pm.