A CHARITY store in Llandeilo could be about to benefit from a windfall as five rare pieces of artwork donated to the shop are set to go to auction.

The British Red Cross Bookshop, in Rhosmaen Street, had the artworks donated to them in the past six months.

The pieces included in the collection are three Ceri Richards drawings and two companion print pieces by Haydn Mackey.

Mackey was a war artist whose work has featured in the Imperial War Museum.

Born in 1883, Mackey served in the First World War. He died in 1979.

His pieces, entitled ‘Up With the Lark’ and ‘Homeward Plods His Weary Way’, will be accompanied by three drawings from Ceri Richards.

Richards is an extremely popular Welsh artist.

He was a painter, print-maker and maker of reliefs prior to his death in 1976.

Scott Fitzgerald, manager of the British Red Cross Bookshop, in Llandeilo, said: “There pieces were donated to us in the past six months.

“All of the pieces are quite rare and valuable.

“The first fine art auction is in Cardiff this coming Friday.”

The money raised by the sale of the five pieces at auction will go towards the British Red Cross.

Both of the Haydn Mackey pieces will go on sale in Cardiff on Friday.

While the Ceri Richards pieces are in a Welsh interest auction on July 6.

Both of the Mackey pieces, and the live auction to bid on them can be found by visiting rogersjones.co.uk.

The individual guide price for both pieces, ‘Up With The Lark’ which is Lot 413, and ‘Homeward Plods His Weary Way’ which is Lot 412, are between £100 and £150 respectively.

The Ceri Richards pieces can be viewed ahead of their auction next month by visiting rogersjones.co.uk/en/the-welsh-sale/396/2019-07-06.