Betws Community Council are asking the local community for help with a recurring issue within Betws Park.

The life buoy which is situated at the far end of the park is continually being removed from its holder and thrown in the River Amman.

Councillor Annette Price frequently patrols the park and recently managed to locate and retrieve the life buoy on the far side of the river bank.

A spokesperson for the council said: "We would like anyone who sees anyone removing the life buoy from its holder to phone 101 and report this anti-social behaviour to the police as someone’s life may depend upon it."

"The Carmarthenshire Water Safety Partnership (CWSP) charity give the life buoys to the community free of charge, however, with the last two life buoys going missing on in April this year, and the second a few days later, it is becoming a real safety issue."

Anyone found removing the life buoy will be prosecuted under the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2004 which would be enforceable by a £90 fine, court or higher fines up to £5,000 and prison if an adult repeatedly committed this offence.

The CWSP charity would pursue if an adult was recorded however a minor would be publicised without them being identified.

"Whoever is doing this may not understand the consequences of their actions which could mean not only the possibility of loss of life, but the fact that it is a criminal offence and the consequences to them and their future," added the spokesperson.

Betws Community Council are hoping to gain funding in order to place a different type of cabinet at the site however this cost £1,400.