A brave domestic abuse victim has written a self-help book to help others explore their own journey of abuse as well as to understand it.

Rebecca Bishop, who now lives in Llandybie, nearly lost her life at the hands of an ex-partner in 2006.

She managed to leave the relationship and has now decided to make her experience a strength and not a weakness.

After studying counselling and psychology and working with domestic abuse victims, Rebecca decided to write a book aimed towards women who have experience a male preparator following her own experience.

Exploring abuse on a psychological, emotional and societal level, ‘Who Am I Without My Abuser’ maps out the many ways that women decide to stay, the tactics of a perpetrator and their impacts as well as to overcome them.

“I have written the book that I feel will help victims to understand and overcome the impacts of abuse because for me, this book did not exist,” said Rebecca, 32.

“The book starts by explaining the different types of abuse that exist and highlights that Coercive control is the underpinning that allows any type of abuse to be carried out.

“The book uses many different psychology research findings to explain why there is such a prevalent idea that domestic abuse happens as a cycle through family generations.

“I have worked with women who have been from good homes and still ended up in abusive relationships.

“Many women get labelled with anxiety, depression or Borderline personality disorder which gives them more of a complex than necessary.

The book shows the ways in which many health professionals do not recognise the symptoms of abuse and victims therefore do not get treated correctly.”

‘Who Am I Without My Abuser’ is dedicated to Hollie Gazzard who was murdered by her boyfriend who stabbed her 14 times while she worked at a hair dressing salon.

The book has gained copyrights of one of the most famous street artist in Europe called Herakut, who have allowed Rebecca to use art work throughout the book that symbolise issues of domestic abuse.

The book concludes as a self-help book where techniques and advice is given for the impacts of abuse.

Rebecca is now happily married to her childhood sweetheart and their wedding day was featured on hit BBC series Don’t Tell The Bride in 2017.