A Girlguiding group have taken it upon themselves to help keep their local park free from dog mess.

1st Penygroes Brownies and Guides have made dog poo dispensers out of old pop bottles to help reduce the amount of dog mess in Penygroes Park.

There are over eight million dogs in the UK which means they make over 1,000 tonnes of faeces each year.

The group are very welcoming of dogs in the park but at the same time are worried about the infection Toxocariasis found in dog faeces.

Toxocariasis is a type of round worm that lives in a dog’s stomach.

The infection does not fact dogs, but the eggs remain active in the faeces for many years after being passed.

If it gets into humans it can cause seizures, stomach upsets, asthma and even blindness.

A spokesperson for 1st Penygroes Brownies and Guides said: “A dog is a man’s best friend which is true.

“He or she looks after you, keeps your company and takes you for a walk. But dogs have one great set back, they all have an infection.

“The guides and brownies have made poo bag dispensers out of old pop bottles for outside Penygroes Community Centre, where we meet as a group, and have written a poem to try and do something about the problem.”

The poem reads: “We don’t like playing in a dirty park, don’t let you dogs leave their mark. Please take a bag if you forgot and leave a spare if you’ve got a lot. Let’s work together hand in hand to keep us safe in our beautiful land.”

Cllr Sian Thomas told The Guardian: “If you are a dog owner, please feel free to use these bags but remember to dispose of them properly too.

“Remember just leaving dog poo on the ground can lead to being prosecuted by the police.

“If your park suffers from the same problem, feel free to come along to Penygroes Park to find out how to make them for your park as well.”