A FIRST-TIME mum has spoken out after feeling neglected by Carmarthenshire County Council.

The 23-year-old, who asked to remain anonymous, has been complaining to the local authority about her “neighbours from hell” since June 2018 and believes that “her wellbeing is not being looked after”.

She told The Guardian: “I’ve made numerous complaints regarding a series of scenarios with my next door neighbours and I’ve never had a call back from any members of staff.”

Things took a turn for the worst in December when the woman alleges her neighbour verbally threatened to kill both the woman and her baby son, who is now six-months-old.

The woman, who lives in the Amman Valley, has since had CCTV installed at her property and blockers put on her letterbox to stop petrol bombs being thrown in.

“I am vulnerable person and I feel the council has put me in an even more vulnerable position by not listening to me,” she added.

“I have requested to move, and staff have advised me to stay as I don’t know who my next neighbours could be.

“I have been having routine visits from local police, who are aware of my situation.”

The woman, who struggles with her mental health, has resorted back to using anti-depressants and attending counselling sessions as she feels “trapped”.

Jonathan Morgan, Head of Homes and Safer Communities, said: “Despite complaints from our tenant at this address, it has been difficult to take action due to a lack of evidence.

“However, we have worked with police to investigate one complaint of anti-social behaviour in December, following which CCTV equipment was installed.

“There has been no evidence of anti-social behaviour since.

“Now that we have received the outcome of the police investigation into this incident, we will work with the tenant to try and resolve any outstanding issues.”