An Ammanford cakemaker has added another award to her collection.

Augustus Gloop Cakes owner Kay Augustus, from Myddynfych, was awarded the Silver Award in the advanced class at the first Welsh National Sugarcraft Show in Cardiff.

Kay told The Guardian: “I am thrilled with the Silver award.

“The brief was ‘all the time in the world’ so I used the concept of the fact what we don’t have all the time in the world.

“I decided to use inspiration of ‘Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas’.

“It was a bit morbid and darker, but it is also a love story in it’s on right.”

The mother-of-two didn’t give herself as much time as normal to complete her entry but still ended up walking away with a silver award.

“I thought I was going to be over my head in the category, “added Kay.

“It was the advanced class which meant that it was even harder to achieve a gold award than in some of the other classes.

“I do like to push myself but I didn’t have too much time with this entry at all and I am thrilled to have been able to have got this piece together.

“I enter these competitions to hear how the experts feel about my work.”

As well as a winning the award, Kay also walked away with a cash prize and a hamper containing goods from Patchwork Cutters.

Despite being over the moon with her latest award, Kay has recently been targeted my online trolls.

A video of a Disney themed cake created by Kay was shared on Facebook by UniLad, a British Internet media company owned by LADbible Group which provides social news and entertainment with a social-first approach to their 60 million followers.

The post was shared on January 10 and the video has since received over 404,000 views and received over 1,300 comments.

“The negative comments were aimed at the faces of the models on the cake,” added Kay.

“It’s not nice when people target your hard work, but I try my best to ignore negativity.”