A Jack Russel Terrier has saved her family home from fire.

Nine-year-old Lucy woke owners Paul and Susan Newman when the birdroom attached to their home caught alight on February 14.

Lucy and eight-month-old pup Cari both started barking when they realised that something wasn’t right at the property.

Susan, of Grenig Road in Glanaman, told The Guardian: “Me and my husband were upstairs when we heard Lucy and Cari barking at around 8 o’clock in the morning.

“My husband went downstairs to see if they wanted to go outside but what they were trying to tell us was smoke was coming into the house from a fire that had started in the adjoining birdroom.”

Mr Newman was unable to get in the front door to the birdroom and went around the back to find a fire raging in the middle section which was eventually doused with the help of firefighters.

“The fire brigade was with us within minutes and should be highly commended for their efficiency,” added Susan.

“The electric wire which was connected from our house to the birdroom had started to melt.

“We believe that it was down to an electric fault.

“We lost everything in the birdroom apart from a cupboard and a pew.”

Around 100 diamond doves died of smoke inhalation but some of the bigger birds, who had access to outside aviaries, survived thanks to the Lucy’s alert.

Susan, 67, said: “We were still finding bodies almost two weeks after the incident.

“If it wasn’t for Lucy, we would have lost all our animals.”

The couple have kept birds for over 46 years but have never experienced anything this dramatic.

Susan believes that anyone who is anti-dogs should hear how Lucy saved the day.

“For those people who are anti-dogs, if it wasn’t for our Lucy, we would have lost our home, ” she said.

“Dogs are very intelligent and have extra senses that we don’t have.

“We couldn’t live without our dogs.

“Lucy is our own little heroine.

“Many thanks too for those neighbours who had offered their help.”