Pranksters have celebrated the first birthday of the non-existent roundabout in Ammanford.

Work to build the roundabout on the junction of Wind Street and Tirydail Lane began in February 2018 and is still causing disruption in the town.

Residents have been left frustrated with the length of time it has taken to complete the road works.

The frustration has led an unknown individual to stick balloons and birthday banners to signs and corns surrounding the construction area.

A Facebook post featuring images of the decorated site has been shared by hundreds of users.

One comment read: “They should be bloody ashamed of themselves contractors and council. They have allowed this to happen

Another added: “The struggle of working in Ammanford and driving through this wreckage twice a day as the road workers still struggle to form a roundabout with four exits.”

The whole scheme was scheduled to be completed by December 2018.

Carmarthenshire County Council roadworks map suggests that the work will be compete by next month.