A COMPANY management team has been warned that jail sentences could follow admissions of food safety breaches.

The case follows inspections by food standards officers of a stall at Carew Market in August and September 2017.

Robert John Croft Hodges junior, aged 28, 59-year-old Robert John Croft Hodges senior and Judith Elizabeth Hodges, aged 56, all of Heol-y-Gors, Ammanford, as well as their company, Marley Cwmgors Food Limited, should have been sentenced at Swansea Crown Court on Friday, February 1.

But Judge Peter Heywood said he needed more information, in particular the financial status of the defendants and the company.

He said that while only a financial punishment could be levied on the company the three defendants could go to jail.

"In fact I would be failing in my public duty if I did not consider all options, including prison," he added.

Judge Heywood said the offences were serious.

He said he wanted to see five years of audited accounts for the company and "a full picture" of the assets of the Hodges'.

Sentencing will now take place on February 22 and bail was renewed in each case.

At a hearing on November 19 all three and the company admitted failing to operate food safety procedures at Carew Market on August 6 2017 and failing to adequately label cheese to ensure its traceability.

Three further offences related to a second visit by food inspectors to Carew Market on September 17.

The parents and son admitted failing to comply with a food safety improvement notice that was issued on August 21 2017 requiring that all pre-packed food was labelled with the mandatory information.

They also admitted failing to keep documentation to demonstrate that cheese had been kept at the correct temperatures and failing to ensure that vacuum packed cheeses were safe for their intended shelf life.