Residents of Caerbryn Terrace met with local County Councillor Dai Thomas and members of Dyfed-Powys community policing to tell of their worries last week.

The terrace has a street light on either end but nothing in the middle. This means that residents are in darkness which is extremely dangerous as their front gates open directly on to the road.

There is no pavement due to the road being so narrow and there is no room for parked cars, the road and the pavement.

What makes matters worst is that the street is a popular ‘rat run’ between Caerbryn and Waterloo Road avoiding Penygroes square.

Many motorists use it and speeding cars are also an issue.

Llandybie Community Council agreed that the street lighting is the responsibility of Carmarthenshire County Council.

The Community Police Officers agreed that the place was dangerous.

Their suggestion is that the County Council paint a white line some 18 inches or two feet from the house walls, so that traffic stays out more, thus giving people coming out of their homes the chance of being safer.

County Councillor Dai Thomas said: “I agree the situation at the moment is just not acceptable.

“This is an accident waiting to happen.

"I will do my best to persuade the County Council to take immediate action.

“Even in this time of cuts, surely the Council can find enough for one extra lamppost and some paint.”