Support has been raised to restore a medieval church in Llandeilo’s Dinefwr Park.

Llandyfeisant Church is a hidden gem, tucked away in the scenic surroundings of Castle Woods within Dinefwr Park but, since its last restoration in the 1980’s, is falling into a state of ruin.

Possibly built in pre-Christian times, the church has a rich history with one of its windows dating to the 13th century and, in recent years, has seen the burial of the last Lord Dinefwr in its graveyard.

However, Llandyfeisant Church has not been used for worship since 1961 and was last opened to the public as an information centre in 1986.

Currently the church is in a derelict state and leased to The Welsh Wildlife Trust from The Church in Wales with both groups yet to come to an agreement on its future.

Beth Davies, a resident of Llawdra, has recently launched a petition to spark action in restoring the historical building, hopefully opening it as a visitor centre once more.

To gain public interest and support, Beth has launched a Facebook group called Friends of Llandyfeisant Church Dinefwr Park Llandeilo.

She said: “The church has fallen into a state of disrepair, and it has become run down. I went back there a couple of weeks ago and we could not find it because it was so overgrown.

“I started a Facebook group to prevent the church from falling into a worse condition and have had a great response.

“Currently, the church is owned by The Church in Wales and leased to The Welsh Wildlife Trust but, since 2009, the lease has been renewed yearly.”

Due to Mrs Davies’ efforts, there will be a private meeting taking place on September 11 between the two parties, in which they will discuss ideas for the future of the church.

“The groups that could potentially supply funding for the restoration of the church want to see that there is enough public interest in the project,” added Beth.

To support the restoration of the church, the Facebook group can be found by searching for Friends of Llandyfeisant Church Dinefwr Park Llandeilo and a petition can be signed in Llandeilo library, or in other businesses throughout the town.