An Amman Valley infant has showed off his pronunciation skills by naming some of the most prehistoric beasts.

In a video posted online by mum Natasha Paul, three-year-old Lucca D’Angelo, from Glanaman, names 18 dinosaurs pictured on flashcards displayed in front of him.

He reels off dinosaur names such as Carnotaurus, Ornithomimus, Trachodon and Spinosaurus without hesitation before giving a joyful twirl after naming each one correctly.

Lucca’s parents Natasha, 29 and dad Mario D’angelo, 24, believe that his obsession with dinosaurs has helped improve his speech and they could not be prouder of their son.

Mother-of-two Ms Paul told The Guardian: “I sit with him every day and do the flashcards.

“Sometimes we put them upside down and turn them around or sometimes he just likes to look at the pictures and then name them.

“Some of the dinosaurs he names most adults haven’t even heard of.

“I videoed him saying the names and posted it in a group on Facebook because I am so proud of him.

“His love for dinosaurs is definitely helping him develop.

“He is so excited when he gets them right and does a little twirl after each one.”

Lucca will be starting Ysgol Y Bedol full time in September and can already count to 20 in both English and Welsh.

As well as the flashcards, the youngster has dinosaur clothes and toys and enjoys watching dinosaur films and documentaries.

“I’d say he started becoming interested in dinosaurs when he was two,” added Ms Paul.

“It started with a programme called Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.

“He would always want that on. Day in, day out we would watch that. It's gone on from there and now every birthday and every Christmas, he wants dinosaur-related things.

“We have taken him to Dan-Y-Ogof caves and he loved it.”

“I’m sure he will flourish when he starts school full-time in September - just like his sister Charley Paul, who is 11.

“They're both really intelligent children.

“I'm so proud of them both.

"Lucca is in school two hours a day now. He loves it so much, he runs there every day.”

You can watch the video of Lucca on the South Wales Guardian website.