THE start of a new year is a time when people embark on a new health kick, promising themselves this year really will be the beginning of a healthy new them. But while diet cookbooks are dusted off and gym memberships are renewed, it’s important to remember not to neglect other parts of your body.

Specsavers is urging people in Ammanford to make a resolution to look after their eye health too – and it needn’t be a slog. As, while it is important everyone has their eyes tested regularly to spot signs and symptoms of any underlying problems, there are some more unusual things you can do to help keep your eyes healthy.

Now the festivities have come to an end it’s natural for us to feel a little down. But rather than hold back the tears, let them flow freely as they will do wonders for your eyes.

Kevin McCarthy, Specsavers director in Ammanford, said: "When we don’t have enough tears to lubricate our eyes they can become dry and irritated and we can even start to get slightly blurred vision.

"Tears are so important as they can wash away foreign matter that might come into contact with your eye and they also help reduce the risk of eye infections.’

Dry eye syndrome occurs when we do not have enough lubrication in our eyes. However, eating fish high in omega 3 fatty acids can help.

Mr McCarthy added: ‘When an individual has a dry eye the surface of the eye becomes inflamed.

"This inflammation further damages the cells which are responsible for tear production, resulting in a vicious circle of increasing inflammation and dryness.

"It is well documented that omega 3 essential fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects and therefore may offer some degree of protection against dry eye.

"A large epidemiological study in the USA found that women who consumed five servings of tuna per week were at a 68 per cent reduced risk of suffering from dry eyes.’

Do you ever feel your eyes twitching from time to time? These spasms are known as myokymia and can often be uncomfortable and distracting, and they are often caused by a lack of sleep.

"It’s essential that we all get enough sleep as it give our bodies an opportunity to rest – including our eye muscles, which will help to stop them from twitching," said Mr McCarthy.

The wondrous superfood has been a breakfast staple for millennials everywhere. But rather than just being a tasty way to start the day – and of course providing countless photo opportunities for the ‘gram – the trusty avocado is actually great for your eyes.

He said: "Avocados are a huge food trend, which is great news for our eyes.

"Not only are avocados rich in zinc and vitamin B which help stave off cataracts, but they also have a high amount of lutein.

"Research suggests lutein is a carotenoid which helps filter our blue light, helping to prevent age-related macular degeneration.’

Not only is exercising good for your overall health but it’s good for your eyes too. Mr McCarthy adds: ‘Studies have shown that regular exercise, such as walking, can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by up to 70 per cent, and it can also decrease the risk of age-related cataracts too.’

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