An Amman Valley school has been told it needs improvement by a school inspectorate.

An inspection Ysgol Y Bedol was carried out in October and published last month.

The report found that the school was adequate but needed improvement in all aspects.

It said: “The wellbeing and care of pupils are central to the work of Ysgol Y Bedol.

“Staff place a strong emphasis on creating a safe learning environment for their pupils, which has a relatively positive impact on their behaviour and wellbeing.

“However, teachers do not always have sufficiently high expectations in terms of pupils’ standards or academic aspirations, especially in the development of their Welsh language oral skills.”

The development of pupils’ Welsh language skills is one of the key recommendations made by the inspectors, another being a safeguarding problem with the school’s car park.

The inspector said: “One of the school’s main strengths is the support and provision for vulnerable pupils and their families.

“Staff create a caring and supportive ethos in a safe environment for pupils.

“As a result, most of them feel confident about sharing their feelings as well as their concerns with staff and peers.

“The school’s safeguarding arrangements meet requirements and are not a cause for concern.

“However, the inspection team drew school leaders’ attention to a health and safety issue relating to arrangements for dropping off and collecting pupils in the car park.”

Responding to the findings of Estyn, Roy James, headteacher at Ysgol Y Bedol, said: “Estyn have drawn attention to many positive aspects of the school, as well as areas that need further development.

“The report highlights the important progress that has occurred recently, and huge praise needs to be given to all the staff and pupils for their hard work.

“The school has put in place an action plan that is already addressing the issues raised by the inspectors.

“One of the main concerns regarding safety on the school premises has been dealt with immediately. All staff are pro-active in implements Estyn’s recommendations and I am confident that standards will improve.

“Our biggest challenge is the Welsh language, and we are looking at ways of further improving the provision and attitudes towards the language. We are working hard on the Siarter Iaith, and we are also receiving excellent support from Carmarthenshire’s Education Authority and ERW.

“Amongst some of the comments, Estyn note that the wellbeing and care of pupils are central to the work of Ysgol Y Bedol, pupils are very friendly and caring towards each other and treat adults and visitors with respect and courtesy.”