Hillcrest, the Rescue and Rehoming Centre for Greyhound Rescue Wales, had a very special visitor recently.

Santa took time out of his very busy schedule to come and say ‘hello’ to all the hounds currently at Hillcrest waiting for their forever homes.

Each hound spent time with Santa and posed for a picture.

They were all very patient and the elves helping Santa could confirm that they had all been very good boys and girls.

The hounds all received a present from the generous supporters of the charity who donate suitable doggy gifts in the annual Christmas shoebox appeal from Greyhound Rescue Wales.

After Santa met the hounds, he was able to reveal that the most asked for presents were: sausages, a squeaky toy, a teddy to cuddle, more sausages but most importantly a Mummy, Daddy and family of their very own.

Abbie Conway, Senior Elf and manager of Hillcrest, said: “It’s so lovely to see how well the dogs behaved with Santa and all his elf helpers today.

“Coming into a house with a Christmas tree, lights, decorations and presents will be a new experience for all of them.”

Sandra Wynne, Head of Rescue and Rehoming, added “Most of the dogs come from racing kennels so they have never been in a house before.

“As part of our unique rehoming preparation, we bring the dogs into the home environment on a daily basis, so they can get used to the sounds and smells of a home before going on to their forever homes.

“At Christmas time a house changes so much, decorations, presents, lots of people coming to visit and stay, the normal routine alters and it’s important that we are aware that this will affect our pets too.”

Santa ended his visit to Hillcrest by saying that he was very impressed by how well behaved and gentle the hounds were, and it was a delight to meet them all.

If you would like to find out more about adopting a greyhound from Greyhound Rescue Wales in 2019 then please visit their website: www.greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk.