In light of the recent flooding in Wales caused by Storm Callum, Flood Re is today launching a campaign to raise awareness that it is helping to make home insurance for those in flood-risk areas more affordable.

Flood Re, the government-backed, not-for profit scheme, is calling for those that do not currently have home insurance or those who are looking to renew their policy to shop around to find the right deal to ensure that their homes are protected.

Andy Bord, Chief Executive of Flood Re, said: “Flood Re continues to help reduce the costs of home insurance for those at risk of flooding. Storm Callum inflicted major damage across Wales – showing that the risk of flooding is a real and daily concern for thousands of homeowners.

"We want to ensure that everyone eligible can be confident that they can get affordable home insurance to protect them in the future.”

Hannah Blythyn, Minister for Environment, added: “Affordable flood insurance should be available to all homeowners.

"The Flood Re scheme enables higher risk homes to obtain insurance at affordable premiums.

“If residents were quoted high insurance premiums in the past, I would urge them to try again as their premiums should now be capped at a more affordable level.”

Flood Re launched in April 2016 as an independent body to promote the affordability and availability of flood insurance for homeowners across the UK.

Over 150,000 customers are currently protected by the scheme, and since its introduction, four out of five householders with previous flood claims saw a reduction in the price of available quotes of more than 50 per cent.

More than 60 insurer brands – covering 94 per cent of the home insurance market – are now able to cede policies to the Scheme.

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