Wendy Woo, Milo and Fleet have said a very big thank you with cuddles and licks to members of the public who voted for Greyhound Rescue Wales in the recent Bags of Help competition held at Tesco Ammanford.

Accompanied by Sandra Wynne, Head of Rescue and Rehoming for GRW, and Abbie Conway, manager of the Hillcrest Rehoming Centre, the dogs visited Tesco Ammanford on Friday, November 16 to say hello to as many people as they could and were very keen to inspect carrier bags for any goodies.

Managers from Tesco Ammanford also took a welcome breather from the busy run up to Christmas to say hello and have a quick ‘cwtch’ with a greyhound this morning.

Wendy Woo, Milo and Fleet are three Last Hope Dogs who have been saved from an untimely death thanks to Greyhound Rescue Wales’ Last Hope Fund which was set up to help and protect greyhounds following the death of racing greyhound Last Hope who was found left for dead, badly injured and with both ears cut off on a mountainside in the Rhymney Valley.

Wendy Woo broke her front-leg racing and Milo and Fleet are amputees, losing one of their hind legs due to injuries sustained at the race track.

They are currently recovering from their injuries at the Hillcrest Rehoming Centre based in Garnant.

Once they are fully recovered, they will be looking for their forever homes.

Magdalena Gryczmanska is the Last Hope Fund co-ordinator for Greyhound Rescue Wales and everybody at the charity, especially the greyhounds, would like to thank her for making the Bags of Help award happen.

A spokesperson for Greyhound Rescue Wales, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, said: “The award money from the Bags of Help competition will be used to provide support for other greyhounds injured at the race-track so that they too have a chance to go on and lead happy lives in their forever homes.”

Tesco Ammanford are keen to provide help for local charities and community projects and the Bags of Help Award is a great way to do this.

The voting period for each competition is two months which ensures that a wide range of charities and projects receive funding throughout the year.