A banned driver under a suspended prison sentence has been jailed after being caught behind the wheel again.

Dafydd Bowdler, aged 23, was banned last year after police saw him driving at 85mph while holding only a provisional licence.

Bowdler, of Llechyfedach, Tumble, was also made the subject of a six month prison sentence suspended for two years.

Georgina Buckley, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court that police received a tip off that Bowdler was driving again and stopped his Suzuki motor car in the village.

He was also driving without a licence or insurance.

Bowdler admitted all three offences.

Craig Jones, the barrister representing Bowdler, said he had driving for less than a mile before being stopped.

Bowdler was told the suspended prison sentence had been an alternative to immediate custody, but he had still taken a chance.

Bowdler was jailed for four months and told he would be under supervision for a year after his release.

He was also ordered to pass a driving test--not the regular one but an extended test.

Bowdler was also banned for a further five months.