A TEENAGE entrepreneur has been invited to sell her works at the Welsh Winter Fair in Builth Wells.

Lili Jones, 14, from Tycroes, produces a range of craft works for her business, Bodoli, and will display and sell the works in Builth Wells and at Carmarthen Christmas Market next month.

The Ysgol Dyffryn Aman pupil has had the business for a month, fulfilling a dream of running her own company at the age of just 14.

Speaking about the experience so far, Lili said: “It is quite different from what I expected to be honest.

“I didn’t think it would be as full on as it has been. There is always something that needs doing, but I am really enjoying it.

“I’ve always really enjoyed crafting and making things, I’m quite a creative person so I think this suits me really well.

“Everyone has been really supportive, from the teachers at the school to my friends, they have been great.”

Bodoli make a range of pebble art pictures, Christmas decorations, jewellery, wedding gifts and more, and moving forward, having worked throughout half term on the business, Lili hopes to widen her range further.

“I think looking ahead I’d like to expand it in the future and come with a few designs and ideas of my own to create.

“It was predominantly a Welsh business, and a Welsh language business before I took over. We have been doing a few more bilingual works now and I have received orders from abroad to I have done bits in Spanish and Italian as well.

“It is quite a quick turnaround. I tend to get the order in and then make the product immediately.”

All of the materials used by Lili to create her works are sourced from the Ammanford area, something she has put a lot of thought into.

Lili explained: “Everything is sourced from around here. We could probably get things for cheaper if we went to IKEA or somewhere, but this has always been an Ammanford business and I want to keep it that way.”

Products can be purchased from Bodoli’s facebook page at facebook.com/Bodoli or by visiting their website bodoli.co.uk.