WELSH Labour leadership candidate, Eluned Morgan AM has announced her economic plan that aims to boost public services across Wales.

The Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales believes a refreshed economy will bring investors to the country and improve living standards.

She said: “My number one priority as First Minister would be to drive a radical new approach to the economy in Wales” said Eluned.

“We must act with alacrity to build a springboard to allow the landing of good quality jobs in every community and a leaping forward with real investment in our public services to counter the devastation of a decade of Conservative austerity damage.

“Welsh Labour can be proud of so many achievements over the past two decades in Wales but, we must put our hands up and admit that one area where we have failed to make the impact that we could and should have, is the economy.

“It is hurtful that the horrendous hangover from Thatcher de-industrialisation is still with us, along with the pounding headache of 23 per cent of people in Wales living in poverty.”

“I promise effective change which has been developed by and with people across Wales.

“We must act quickly and radically and set up the strategic interventions that will enable us to finance and take up the cases of the hundreds of thousands of people across Wales who are in poverty, who are excluded, who are disadvantaged or who are now really fed up with the stresses of just barely managing and desperately want change, solutions and want to be sure that their voices will be heard.

“I say to them that we are listening and with their help, drive and support, we will propose specific, achievable and deliverable economic priorities for growing the economy and launching an immediate and effective attack on poverty in our country.

“We will encourage employers to understand that working with trade unions will help to increase productivity in their organisations.

“In these enforced uncertain times, we must be creative and innovative, do everything we can to make Wales a magnet for investment and give confidence to our home-grown companies to grow to sell goods and services globally,” said the Minister for Welsh Language.

The full plan can be found at electeluned.com