Llandeilo-born Jonathan Crayford has had his first novel published after years of dreaming of becoming an author.

Former Tregib pupil Jonathan, who now lives in Llandybie, has been interested in writing from a very young age.

As a first language Welsh speaker, writing stories in English proved challenging at first however his passion for storytelling continued through to secondary school, where his favourite subject was English literature.

“I have been interested in writing stories ever since I was old enough to form words onto a page, and even before even I would make up stories in my head,” said Jonathan.

“It provided difficult in the beginning learning a new language during primary school, due to English being my second language, but my writing was always told through the English language and word.”

Upon entering the working world Jonathan lost touch with his passion for writing as he experienced many different Jobs, from Butchery to Architecture, and he even took some time out to travel in Europe and Asia.

“When I began working I didn’t have the time to continue my writing but over the last two years I have been able to do some writing on my rest days and spare time,” he added.

“I work for the local emergency services and my love for writing re kindled in my mid-twenties.”

Jonathan’s debut novel ‘The Legacy of the Sky Pendant’ is a fantasy novel following the character of Marcus and a pendant with enhancing effects.

“The novel is the first of a trilogy and I am currently working on the second novel” the 28-year-old said.

“I wanted to write something that hadn’t been done before. Some of the characters I created are based upon personalities I have met over the years.”

Despite only being published last month, the novel has already received rave reviews from critics and family members.

The Legacy of the Sky Pendant is now available on Amazon and a Kindle version will be available soon.

For more information about Jonathan visit @joncrayford on Twitter or jonathancrayfordauthour.co.uk.