When Stella Mathias-Jones went to the playing fields in Betws with her friends on March 1, 1969 she did not expect it to change her life forever.

Five decades on and Stella has written a book to tell how being burnt in her local park has changed her life and how it is still affecting it today.

Stella, 56, told The Guardian: “I was out playing in the park right next to Betws School. I remember it was a nice day.

“There was a group in the park lighting fires in the grass because it was all dry.

“I climbed up the slide in the park and started to slide down and landed on burning grass which had been lit by the group.

“My anorak could fire, and I was extensively burned. I was only seven.”

Stella was being looked after her grandmother on this particular day as her parents had recently split up and her mum had gone away for the weekend.

The Guardian reported the incident at the time and stated that Mr Johnny Williams saw the flames and jumped over his garden wall and rolled the burning child into the grass.

An action which potentially saved Stella’s life.

“I can hardly remember anything about the accident,” said the retired midwife.

“There were no mobile phones back then so I don’t actually know who told my mum or dad or how they found out.

“There was a story in the front page of The Guardian that same week when it happened, but I do not know who lit the fire.

“I have been speaking to a lot of people to recall what happened to help me write the book.

"My best friend Abdrea Spencer and Kim Cowell still have nightmares.

“I know that I was in hospital in Chepstow for two years and didn't have muchschooling.

“I was taken to someone’s house and the doctor took over two hours to get to me."

The book titled Scarred For Life recalls Stella’s life from the horrific event right up to the present day.

Despite moving away for work commitments, Stella is now back in Ammanford, married and a mother of three children despite having health concerns due to the accident.

“People have said to me maybe you’ll have closure now that I’ve written the book, but I’ll never have closure.

“My family have been very supportive of me.

"Me and my husband have even attempted to go back where I thought the slide was at the time but it was so overgrown and the park no longer open.

“I had the help of local friends who have had their own books published and it took me around six months to put it altogether.

“I think all children should be givn basic first aid training in schools and that PTSD is sometimes a silent nightmare."

"It’s so important and they should not be scared to try and help if something does happen.”

Scarred For Life will be available to purchase on Amazon at the end of November.