A CONTROVERSIAL planning application for a chicken manure shed in Llangadog has been approved despite opposition from campaigners.

The plans for the storage facility at Godre Garreg were passed at a Carmarthenshire County Council planning committee meeting last Tuesday when 19 members voted in favour and one voted against.

The proposal would allow manure from a new poultry farm, given approval by the council earlier in the year, to be stored.

There had been significant opposition from residents in the village who argued that approval would have a detrimental impact on the surrounding area, including traffic, smell and pollution of the River Towy.

However, councillors voted to support the application, saying the applicants had done everything asked of them.

Councillor Kevin Madge said: “I supported this application when it came through last time.

“I can see some of the things objectors say but we are in a farming area.

“Our farmers have got to find a way to survive, the family have got to make a living.

“The new location of the site is near the farm. I voted against it when it was on the other side of the field, but they have addressed those concerns.

“I take the view that we should approve this application. We have already given planning of the poultry farm and I think this should be supported as well.”

Councillor Gareth Thomas added: “I second that. I think the applicant has done everything we have asked of them.

“I am happy to suggest we support this proposal and see that planning permission is granted.”

Concerns were raised by Councillor Sue Allen over the applicant’s failure to follow planning conditions, which she described as “disappointing”.

The council’s planning officer agreed that the breaches were “unacceptable”, but members didn’t see it as a reason to reject the application, voting to approve.