CONSTRUCTION of Ammanford AFC’s new 250-seater stand at the Recreation Ground has been completed.

The new development was needed in order for the club to comply with Welsh Football Association criteria as they compete in Welsh League Division One this season.

As well as the seating, new fencing, replacing the previous boundary, has been put up to keep the ground secure and protect the new stand from vandalism.

The club received grants from Carmarthenshire County Council, Ammanford Town Council, the Football Association of Wales, and money from donations and sponsorship to cover the £201,000 cost of the new stand.

Up until now Ammanford have been unable to host home games in the league this season due to not meeting criteria.

However, completion of the stand means they are now able to play in Ammanford and will host Llantwit Major on Saturday, October 13.

Ammanford AFC, which was founded in 1946, now has in excess of 300 playing members and is said to have the largest junior club participation in Wales.

Speaking in August when the council made the decision to approve plans for the new stand, Councillor Cefin Campbell said: “We have to see this as an investment, not just in the club, or in football, but in a community.

“It is about the health of young people as well, it is good for Carmarthenshire.”