PLANNING permission for a manure storage facility at a farm in Llangadog is expected to have been granted despite opposition from residents.

The application, for the storage at Godre Garreg, had been recommended for approval by Carmarthenshire County Council planning officers before going before the planning committee on Tuesday.

The farm received permission for a large poultry shed to house 32,000 hens in June this year.

The manure storage, which will be made of steel sheeting with concrete panel walls, will serve the poultry shed.

Llangadog residents sent 16 letters of opposition to the council regarding the new plans for the manure storage, after 79 had objected to the poultry shed application.

Objectors cited the impact the building would have on the village.

One said: "The proposed structure is very tall and is not in keeping with the area, an area which relies at least in part on revenue from tourism.

"The smell of the waste unit is liable to effect the entire village and will certainly be offensive to the properties that are very close to the proposed site."

Another added: "The manure shed and poultry unit will create more traffic through Llangadog, smells and vermine. It will lower property values here.

"It is going to be solely for the gain of the applicant and will provide no positive purpose to the village of Llangadog."

Natural Resource Wales also expressed "significant concerns" regarding drainage from the site.

However, the council's planning officers recommended the application for approval.

The report, published ahead of Tuesday's meeting, said: "In light of the proposed development being a requirement of the poultry unit, it is recommended on balance that planning permission be granted for this development subject to conditions."