AN Ammanford couple will star in a BBC show tracking the birth of their first child and how the new arrival has changed their lives.

Kathryn and Richard Hunt, from Ammanford, will appear on Help! We’re Having A Baby, alongside other couples from across Wales.

The series hopes to provide people with a snapshot of what it is like bringing up a baby in 21st century Wales.

Kathryn, who works in police admin, and Richard, a pub chef, met 14 years ago and enjoyed a picture-perfect wedding in 2016.

Two years later and Kathryn was hoping for the picture-perfect birth, but the reality was far from what she had imagined.

After a 60-hour labour, Kathryn gave birth to her and Richard’s first child, Sienna.

Following the birth, Kathryn spent the first five days of Sienna’s life in hospital recovering from the labour.

The series follows the family through the last part of Kathryn’s pregnancy and the first few months of Sienna’s life that followed.

Kathryn said: “It was amazing having the crew around filming. We did really enjoy it and there have been some awesome moments.

“They became our friends and saw so much personal stuff that even our close friends and family didn’t see.”

Every year, around 34,000 babies are born in the country and the series follows seven sets of new parents and their 10 new bundles of joy to find out what goes on during those early days.

The four-part show, starting on Monday, October 8 on BBC One Wales at 8.30pm, tells unique tales of parenthood, as well as showing scenarios many new partners can identify with, from having twins and triplets, to sleepless nights and frightful first outings.