A MAN threatened to scar his girlfriend for life with a key and later attempted to force the car they were both in off of the road so that they could “die together”.

Jonathan Lee Robson Ettrick launched an attack on his partner, pulling his girlfriend’s hair, kicking her and splitting her lip by hitting her in the face, after drinking alcohol.

Following the incident the police were called, and Ettrick proceeded to assault the officers in attendance, the court was told.

The 26-year-old, of Dol y Dderwen, in Ammanford, admitted assaulting his partner and using threatening behaviour towards her on September 4.

Appearing at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, he also faced three charges of assaulting police officers, which he admitted.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, said Ettrick’s behaviour in the relationship was described as unpredictable.

She added: “The couple had argued and the defendant’s partner told him that she was going to bed.

“He then took her bank card to go and buy some more alcohol so that he would be able to carry on drinking.

“A while later he was stood over her on the bed shouting for her to get out.

“She responded, telling him to leave her alone.

“He was waving his arms around and caught her on her upper lip.

“She was then grabbed and he dug his nails into her and she attempted to close the door on him.

“He was that much bigger than her and she fell into the wardrobe.

“He then pulled her by the hair and was kicking her to her side.”

The court then heard Ettrick made a threat towards his partner.

Mrs Vaughan added: “He grabbed her around the neck and she could see he had a key between his fingers and then he told her he was going to scar her for life.”

Ettrick then asked his partner to drive him somewhere, though the court did not hear where or why.

However, Mrs Vaughan said that during the journey Ettrick was “grabbing the steering wheel, telling her they were going to die together”.

He was also stopping his partner from applying the handbrake so she could stop the car.

No details were given by the prosecution over the three assault charges against police officers.

Defence solicitor Richard Morgan said Ettrick accepted responsibility for his actions.

Deputy District Judge Mark Layton ordered a pre-sentence report to be carried out by the probation service.