The Leader of Plaid Cymru's Westminster Group, Liz Saville Roberts MP, and neighbouring constituency colleague, Hywel Williams MP, have endorsed Adam Price to be the new leader of the party.

Writing a joint statement, the Gwynedd MPs said "Adam showed from the very start that he had the bravery and the vision one day to lead our party - that day has come." Outlining a number of reasons behind their endorsement, Liz Saville Roberts and Hywel Williams called on fellow party members to also support Mr Price.

Their announcement comes on the day party members will be gathering for the first of eight husting events across Wales. Members will have the opportunity to listen to and question the three leadership candidates in Pontyrpridd tonight.

Adam Price has now secured the endorsement of 3 of the party's 4 MPs, with Jonathan Edwards MP having already announced his support for his Carmarthenshire colleague.

In a joint statement Liz Saville Roberts MP and Hywel Williams MP said: "Adam has a detailed understanding and knowledge of the long term economic problems which afflict us and striking proposals for regeneration. Electing him as Leader of Plaid Cymru and then as First Minister would release the political paralysis which has caused our people such suffering for so long.

"Adam has proved his profound commitment to the Welsh language, a commitment which is founded in his personal background and which has been strengthened over decades of argument and campaigning. He also sees the essential link between winning language justice and justice for all the diverse people of Wales.

"As an orator and communicator he has the ability and the confidence to convey complex ideas in a way which is both understandable and exciting. And he stands full-square in the tradition of thinker-leaders who have been essential to the growth and success of Plaid Cymru from the very start.

"We are proud that our party has people of such calibre as the three candidates. Undoubtedly the other two have a further huge contribution to make. But in a period of such tumult and danger for our nation we believe that it is Adam who has the outstanding vision and the ability to lead.

"We are pleased to announce our support for Adam Price as the next leader of Plaid Cymru, and call on our fellow members also to support him."