PLAID Cymru Carmarthen East and Dinefwr AM, Adam Price, officially launched his campaign to become the new leader of Plaid Cymru on Friday, August 17 outlining his vision for Wales in 2030 with ‘seven steps to independence’ which, he said, provided a “clear and credible” path to an independent Wales.

Mr Price told party members that the time “to talk in vague terms about independence as a long term goal is over.”

He said: “The process of nation-building that will lead to independence has to start now without delay. Semi-policies and soundbites will not get us there.

“Welsh politics writ large can be seen as a battlefield between those with old ideas, new ideas and no ideas.

“Welsh independence is the biggest, most transformational, most radical idea of them all.

“Anyone who seeks to lead our party needs to set out a credible plan as to how we achieve it.”

In his ‘Seven Steps to Independence,’ Mr Price outlines his plan, including the election of a pro-independence government; passing a Wales 2030 Referendum Act; reducing Wales’ fiscal gap to six per cent and increasing the Welsh economic growth rate by 1-1.5 per cent.

He said the necessary legislation for an independence referendum will also provide for the holding of a referendum earlier than 2030 if the Welsh Government so chooses.

Speaking ahead of his launch in Carmarthen on Friday night, Mr Price said: “There is a growing number of people that are coming to the view that the only way in which we can face the challenges and grasp the opportunities of a changing world is to change Wales.

“And that change can only come through the most fundamental change of all: to own our own future as a people and a nation.

“Independence is the reason I joined Plaid Cymru and the reason I have remained a member for 36 years. I have always been consistent that we should make it our express purpose to achieve an independent Wales, and sooner not later.

“Independence can never be the safe or ‘middle of the road’ option.

“When we have tried to avoid saying anything that might frighten the voters we ended saying nothing at all.

“Over the coming weeks I hope to be able to convince party members that in electing me as the new leader of Plaid Cymru we will have a clear and credible path to an independent Wales.”