A BACKPACKER who contracted sepsis when he was bitten by a mosquito two months ago has returned home to his family in Ammanford.

Calvin Hill, 27, was found by roommates in a hostel, unconscious and “not breathing properly”, three days before he was due home back in May.

He spent 12 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand when travel insurer FlexiCover initially refused to fly him home.

Mr Hill was admitted to the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli this week after arriving home.

His mother Tracey says he is feeling “a lot better” now he is home in Ammanford.

Mr Hill spent two weeks in a coma, with doctors telling his family to expect the worst.

But he came out of the coma at the hospital in Cambodia and regained the ability to move his limbs and talk.

Earlier this month, he was transported to Thailand by a medical plane for further treatment.

FlexiCover took the decision to fly him to Thailand to avoid putting him at “unnecessary risk”, because he was unable to make the long flight home at the time.

During his time abroad, Mr Hill’s family spent more than £8,000 on flights, hotel stays and extending his visa after it ran out.

He flew in to Heathrow this week and arrived at the hospital in Llanelli via ambulance in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

“We are so happy,” Mrs Hill told the BBC.

“After not seeing him for a while, I was thrilled to see how much progress he has made to pull through this terrible ordeal.

“He’s a fighter and has gone through so much but he has a lot to do.

“He can stand with the aid of a walker and is eating and talking fine but he still has a problem with his memory but hopefully it will get better with time.

“He has been looking back at his photographs from his travels and things are coming back to him.”

Calvin is still undergoing significant treatment at Prince Philip, where they have found a deep rooted infection that they are unable to identify as of yet.

As a result the hospital are unable to rule out Sepsis.

He will meet with a brain specialist today as he has a brain injury, but doctors are unaware as yet of the severity of it.

Several tests have also been carried out to check for tropical diseases, and it is possible Calvin may have to have an MRI scan.

His mother said: “I was hoping for Calvin that this was close to the end of all his problems and a straight forward road to recovery, but there are still hurdles to jump it seems.

“He is so disheartened as we all are.

“We are so glad he is here in hospital, where we know he will have the best care he needs.