AMMAN Valley Hospital has been praised for its quality of care by a health watchdog in their latest inspection.

The Health Inspectorate Wales carried out an inspection at the hospital in April, which was published last week.

The report highlights the care and treatment being given to patients at the hospital, however it does say that greater priority needs to be given to keeping patients informed on their planned care.

It said: “Overall, we found evidence that patients receiving care and treatment were very positive in relation to the service provided on the ward.

“The ward environment was hygienically clean and provided a safe environment for patients.

“Patients rated the care and treatment provided during their stay in hospital as eight out of tren, and the majority of patients agreed that staff were kind and sensitive when carrying our care and treatment.

“We found ward based management were working hard to ensure good standards of care. There was good allied health team input provided by the on-site physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams, which promoted collaborative working practices.”

Despite the positives, the Health Inspectorate still found there was room for improvement at the facility in Glanamman.

The report reads: “Improvement was needed in relation to nutrition, hydration and medication management which necessitated the Health Inspectorate Wales issuing the health board with an immediate improvement plan.

“We spoke to numerous patients during our visit and a common theme was the lack of information given to patients in relation to their proposed treatments and plan of care.

“Patients also confirmed this in feedback received in questionnaires identifying staff had not always talked to them about their medical conditions, nor helped them to understand them.”

The full report can be viewed at