An auntie and niece duo are on a mission to raise money to help those suffering with cancer.

Ysgol Llandybie pupils Hallie Fletcher and Teighan Fletcher have given up their spare to time to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Hallie, 8 and Teighan, 9, have decided to go around the community selling raffle tickets to help raise money for the charity after hearing that there are people living in their village suffering with the illness.

Hallie’s mother Maisie Fletcher said: “The girls decided last week to raise money for cancer after hearing that a boy in school’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer.

“Out the blue they wanted to do something to help and I think it is brilliant that they have done this off their own back.

“We have ordered a fundraising pack and they are selling raffle tickets for 25p a ticket or £1 a strip and they have already raised £43.”

“They have only done a few streets so far and they are also going to go to local businesses in the village to see if they would like to make a donation.

“I watch them walking around the streets and I’m so pleased that our neighbours are supporting the girls and the cause.

“The family are so proud of them.”

The girls along with Maisie went to a local shop to buy a few items and the youngsters created different hampers which will be given as prizes to the lucky winners.

Hallie’s brother Tyler and neighbour Ryan Marshall are also helping with the good deed.

The group have raised a current total of £48 and hope to reach a target of £100 before the raffle is drawn.

“It would be a nice idea to hold a community event to draw the raffle,” said Maisie.

“The girls haven’t decided when they are going to draw the winner yet but I’m confident they’ll smash their target.”