Jonathan Edwards MP and Adam Price AM have urged local authorities to act promptly as concerns grow regarding public health and hygiene as private water supplies begin to dry up.

A number of residents from across rural Carmarthenshire have contacted their local MP and AM stating that the protracted hot weather is causing their water supplies to dry up, leaving residents to ration water consumption.

MP Jonathan Edwards said the issue of water supplies was also a significant factor for the agricultural community as farming unions warn of a fodder shortage.

AM Adam Price said he thought there needed to be improved cooperation between the local authority and Dwr Cymru.

The same time Welsh households fear water shortages, news reports claimed United Utilites was moving water from Wales to boost supplies across north-west England amid warnings of an "imminent" hosepipe ban in the Manchester region.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:"A number of my constituents are very concerned that they are now having to ration their water usage, which of course brings a number of potential health and hygiene risks.

"The agricultural community in particular is affected by the hot weather, with farming unions already warning of fodder shortages and calling on the Welsh and UK Governments for support.

"We've learned this week that water is being directed out of Wales to service England whilst west Wales residents are facing drought themselves. This cannot be right. This has to be sorted urgently."

Adam Price AM added: "The point raised with me by constituents is that the local authority and Dwr Cymru appear to be 'still finding their feet' as the unprecedented hot weather has brought new considerations regarding private water supplies to light.

"I'm not looking to apportion blame, but we do need the authorities to work together promptly to address the very real concerns residents have with their private water supplies which drying up."