A 72-YEAR-OLD Glanamman woman is to stand trial after she denied stealing £20,000 worth of property and setting fire to a number of items belonging to her ex-partner.

Pensioner Jayne Hayden, of Bro Ryan, appeared at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

She is accused of stealing between £16,000 and £22,000 worth of property from James Marshall, including a caravan.

It is also alleged that Hayden held a bonfire in her back garden where she burned Mr Marshall’s belongings.

She denied both charges.

Prosecuting, Vaughan Pritchard-Jones said: “The background to this case is that the defendant and James Marshall were in a relationship.

“The defendant made an allegation against the complainant for which he was on bail for a few weeks before being acquitted.

“He did not move back in and ordered a solicitor to regain belongings.

“I understand the defence to the arson is that she admitted having this bonfire, but the items, she says, were essentially scrap items that were no longer of any use.”

He added: “The defence has passed me a letter which suggests ownership may have been passed to the defendant.

“I need to speak to police about that because if he is not telling the truth about the caravan, he might not be telling the truth about a number of things.”

Hayden will appear for trial on September 7.